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Sickeningly Sweet

and the sappier the better...

i <3 you
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does your boy/girl know just what to do to make you smile?
do you like sappy love letters?
do you like cutesy things?
do you dream of fairytale romance?
do you want to post about it in your own journal, but fear you'll sicken your friends?
you've find the right place!

1. all lifestyles are welcome, whether you have a special someone or not!
2. please be kind to all members of this community. if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
3. what's written here, stays here. please don't share personal stories without the writer's permission.
4. pictures are ok but please put them under an lj-cut.
5. if you have juicy sex stories to post, please visit our sister community, hotsexin. ~.^
6. if you want to promote your own community of similar interest, that's ok, but only do it once.
7. please stay on topic and post often! ^_^
if you need help using lj-cut, please go [here].
if you're not sure what to put in your introductory post... try [this short survey]!
other lovey dovey communities:
and if things with your someone aren't so lovey dovey at the moment, you may want to check out boy_trouble.
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